Saturday, March 10, 2012

Law Of Causality

Since the minions of The Protestant Inquisitor are still torturing Mr. Beale, Galt-in-Da-Box thought this would be an excellent opportunity to expand on this oft-willfully-ignored and predominate aspect of Natural Law.
First, unlike man-made laws, rules and commandments which are subject to change with the whims, greed & lust of politricksters, Natural Law is immutable: If you put two parts hydrogen & one part oxygen together, you ALWAYS get water. If you drop an object, it will fall toward the point of gravity, never away from it. Causality is the same way.
The law of causality has been rephrased by many people on different aspects and in various ways, but whether you call it Divine retribution, natural selection, evolution or action-reaction, simply stated it is that every effect has a cause, and every cause has an effect.
The law has two sides to it, also: positive causes have beneficial effects, while negative causes have consequencial effects. When it comes to human beings, difficulties arise from either the gross inability or willingness to discern this law, the sides thereof, and the difference between effect and cause.
Atleast half the people I have met expect beneficial effects without generating a cause, or good effects from bad causes: The former want to live like Aristotle Onassis at someone else's expense. The latter feel they can bully and coerce this lifestyle from others. Come to think of it, it's more like 3/4 of the people I've met, and it's a wonder society is not a complete and utter ruin.
The only thing that has prevented that ruin is that, up to now, the other portion of society has been extremely creative and productive, giving little to no thought to the moochers and pull-peddlers who feed off of them. It's only recently I've come to realize this mindset is self-defense, not naivete.
The self-defense aspect comes by mastery of yet another Natural Law, which is that whatever a person believes (habitually thinks, confesses, acts upon) absolutely becomes manifested in their lives. For some, it's so automatic they are hardly - if at all - aware of it. For others, it took slight honing of natural talent, or much time and self-discipline, but brought extraordinary achievement and rewards. And for others, a rather moderate living as they wasted their lives "keeping up with the Joneses".
The reason so few succeed and so many don't or settle for mediocre has nothing to do with luck, chance, fate, or the breaks and everything to do with believing, causality, and the fact that anyone can fail; it requires no thought or effort at all!

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