Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muzzling The Proletariat

America is being shoved off its soapbox:
Louis Farrakhan spoke at UC Berkeley last weekend in blistering tones against the Khazakh-controlled media that offended some of his audience. A TV news clip reported it, but you'll never see it anywhere (including YouTube) as it was yanked less than 24 hours afterward - presumably because the Khazar station manager got offended. The only media reference CFN can locate is this You Tube clip of a debate about the speech. The Establishment has been squelching Ron Paul the entire election cycle, but why should the CON-servatives care: It doesn't involve them. Under these circumstances, I echo the sentiments expressed by UC Berkeley, that we cannot retreat from the value of free speech.
No one could be more opposed to much of Minister Farrakhan's racist rhetoric than Galt-in-Da-Box, and Ron Paul's lamentable devotion to the Papistocracy's "pro-life" faction also gives us pause, but censorship is the cowardly action of tyrants and their bootlickers; a general indication their position is too weak to withstand criticism. The alternative under 0bammunism appears to be that you are to be barely seen or heard, so as to be easily ignored (think townhalls on HITLERy"Obama"care).
The sad tendency of oppressed people is to give in to the oppressors until it is too late to resist.

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