Wednesday, March 21, 2012

New Dark Age

This time brought to you by spiritualists posing as scientists, not "Christians".
If you're scratching the old dome as to what such phrases as "social engineering" and "heavy-handed authority" speak of, think concentration camps & mass extermination. Their basic premise is that their false goddess Gaia is more important than you, your rights and certainly your prosperity. This idiot and his linked cohorts are all about using the AGW/CC bullshit story to say when or if you can eat, drink, shit & piss.
There is something worse than slavery; a number of somethings, actually: Inprisonment, starvation & murder. Unfortunately, those are games elitists like to play every 20 years or so to "reduce the surplus population".
It happens when government gives too much heed to the counsel of perverse and reprobate fools.

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