Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Little Edge

That's all you have to grab to spin an entire issue your way.
Does this communist propaganda wolf in university professor sheep's clothing gather at all (or even care to consider) that "guest worker programs" are just another form of slavery? Galt-in-Da-Box wonders if Khazars & Vaticanism have shut down all of Prof. Hill's cognitive ability with their altruist bullshit, or let him out of the university long enough to actually visit one of those so-called "sanctuary cities" of the corporatocracy? Peradventure he's too "en-LIE-tened" to realize providing gilded cages for the new slaves does not make them anymore free, not curb and obstruct their growing numbers & resentment. Another thought I doubt crossed his mind is that there were other liberal immigration policies that brought his ancestors here to be lived off of thoughtlessly; that they were in place long before the Republican Party showed up and violently defended by Democrats, and that whatever language they spoke was irrelevant...
How's THAT for spin, Mr. Hill?

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