Thursday, March 8, 2012

Reed Gets Run

*FX: Long, loud buzzer signifying a WRONG ANSWER*
Aw Fred, that was a base-line grounder at best. Looks like a little batting practice is in order!
Seriously, I understand about rooting for the home team and all (especially when they'll cut your freaking throat, laugh while you're bleeding to death & dance around/ass-rape your corpse, if you don't) but you don't have an accurate grasp of the concept. Nobody has a problem with Pedro coming to America, working hard and making a living - least of all Democrats who appreciate his dead vote and fellow GeOPapist Republicans who want his cheap labor - its hees perra y feefteen cucharachas living off US thoughtlessly via Uncle Sam that sodomizes your paradigm: You can't support the average turd-world, Papist, non-contraception-using family on $4/hour under the table.
Not an unrelated factor is, if you are white and productive, you have to jump through all the hoops of the system to get in here, whereas if you're neither, Comrades Obama & Holder, the Roman Catholic cult and countless other deadbeats' "rights" altruists will happily cut all the red tape and hand you tons of other people's money to do nothing but take up space & breed!
And if you feel your entitlements"rights" are being violated by, say, that vehicle or home owner who didn't like the idea of being stabbed to death by a drunken gang of illegals and shot one who was trying it, you can always run bawling to the ACLU, La Raza or similar outfits, get no-cost legal representation and off Scot free/sue the victim and thus rob him LEGALLY after all attempts to rob him illegally have failed.
Since you brought it up, let's tackle that pissy, moany, whiny "grinding poverty" issue fine folks like yourself always seem to cower behind: With the obvious exception of physical disability, there are no "those less fortunate", only those less diligent. It's always amazed me that in neighborhoods with high unemployment, nobody ever seems to have time to keep their homes and lawns tidy. The money excuse is negated by Der Welfare Schtaat and their presence on the front porch with a joint and a "40-ounce". Note how the countries where people are prospering are also the ones where the government isn't borrowing itself into the grave and stealing them blind for the altruistic excuse of "he'ppin' aw de poah folk" - it's a subtle indicator of why America isn't wealthy or prospering any longer!
These, and countless other related issues Mr. Reed, are why you are braindead-wrong on this matter.
Have a nice day!


BBC said...
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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

"Sorry Smoky, you were over the line. Mark it zero. Next frame."
- Walter Sobchek