Sunday, March 18, 2012

Stop Your Whining!

Note to all the fat, lazy, braindead, doper boomers out there now sniveling about the latest Executive Order.
You voted for this.
It's exactly what George W. Bush proposed as part of the Patriot Act, precisely what your Boomer parents knew would HAVE to be implemented in order to pay for all the New Deal bribes they took and "Great Society"
Bribes their buddy LBJ was promising, so you can turn off the freaking water works already! You thought you were perpetually "entitled" to everything at somebody else's expense. Reality & natural selection disagreed: The Law of Causality ALWAYS casts the deciding vote. You own nothing, now! You will keep what Der Holy Mother Schtaat, under the tutelage of the BanKhazAristocracy allows you to keep.
You voted for this.
It makes no difference who you voted for or whether you voted at all: If you ever took a government bribe disguised as public assistance, worked for some company or organization subsidized by the WorldBank via the Washington Papistocrats or supported a political figure or organization for personal financial benefit,
YOU voted for this.
If you didn't speak out or oppose this spiritualist tyranny, for WHATEVER excuse.
But don't worry, because as soon as Der Schtaat has used this to disarm you, I strongly suspect you'll never have to worry about voting or having a say in anything related to the individual responsibilities of personal liberty ever again!
Don't blame the President, the government or anyone else: Democracy means you get the kind of government you deserve! Fortune favors the bold, not the chickenshit.
Deal, already!

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