Sunday, March 11, 2012

Untie It, Rush

The greatest benefit of free speech is how easily it allows one to identify morons.
Case in point Rush Limbaugh's most recent attack of foot-in-mouth disorder. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and since most American women are Democrats, El-Rushbo's typical Khazar arrogance touched off a firestorm that made Hell look like a lit match! "Limburger" has - since his alleged dope detox - rarely been as humorous or logical as he was in his early days. Instead of humor and honesty which were at one time his hallmarks of Excellence In Broadcasting, most of his radio program consists of railing and rants against the various factions and GIMME-groups of the DNC. "Conservative" or "Liberal" Establishment collectivists tend to substitute vitriol for viability when their spineless, miasmic and miopic self-serving goals are not achieved: John Boehner bawls. Fred Phelps spews. Bill Maher rails. Chris Matthews falsely accuses. Rush rants. There's too much a reminder of the worst of schoolday classmates, tinged with those you go back aways with - you know, the kind that never grew up.
More prevalent among Powerful, Influencial Members of the Press (PIMPs, for short) is the disgusting habit of saying anything to get attention, because attention - positive or negative - is a PIMPs gateway to ratings and money. There's nothing a preacher, politician or pundit loves more than another fifteen minutes of fame. This is the basis of yellow journalism! It's the secret of Alex Jones' success and why sensationalist tabloids like Enquirer and Weekly World News remain so revered in the eyes of their tenament slum readers. The sad devotion of many Libertarians to such "alternative news" sources explains much of their failure to achieve power.
Personally, I see little correlation on a daily basis between media dreck and the real world, especially that propounded by punditry. Once you realize these people largely are "in it for the Benjamins" or their ego, the hype fades away. I regret to inform you that Edward R. Murrow is dead, and has been for some time now: Substantive, investigative reporting has given way to lap-dog infotainment. One of "Maja Rushi"s favorite claims is that he's doing his show (and that's ALL it is, BTW) with half his brain tied behind his back.
Well, maybe it's time to untie that other half, "just to make it fair".

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