Thursday, April 26, 2012

Equality Vs. Egalitarianism

Just one example of what Thomas Jefferson was NOT talking about, though Galt-in-Da-Box could give many:
This is the time of year when religion, tradition & peers start pushing young men to waste tons of money on Prom bullshit. If you're of Mexican heritage/live in the south-western USA, there's the quinceniera caca to deal with. Amazing how, in our allegedly-"enLIEtened" age, these "social occasions" where feminStaazi are put on a pedestal at tremendous expense to those who have little to spare, persist. You will NEVER hear the bitches whining about how this is demeaning or degrading, because it's a way of CULTurally brain-filthying men to cater to them.
Purely in the interest of equality I pose the question, where is OUR counterbalance? Is it when your prom date goes off with someone else? Is it when the little gal turns 16 and gets knocked up, so you end up subsidizing THAT shit too the rest of your life? Is it a thanks and a peck on the cheek that might as well be a middle finger?
You need to forward this to every cat-collecting, spiritualism-studying, 300lb, Khazar-descended, feminism-shriking closet lesbian you know, as your personal declaration of independence! JUST SAY NO, to this nonsense.
Find out where the afterparty's gonna be, wear the best you have (instead of being stupid & renting a tux), pick out the lady there that's sexiest and most bombed, and let nature take its course.
Senores, if you like a bunch of hot gangsta-types oogling your daughter & trying to bullshit their way into her, forget everything I'm talking about & let traditional Vaticanism have its way. Sorry to put it that bluntly, but spiritualism breeds parasites, and less than 5% of Popery is Bible-based - it's fucking EMOTIONALISM based!
Equality means every individual has the potential to become their best, irrespective of whether they actually tap it. Egalitarianism is a counterfeit Khazar FOOLosophy that presumes those who never exert the effort to better themselves are entitled to the earnings of those who do - It's a goddamned lie! It's past time to treat it and all the lies based on it - feminism not being a small one - with the contempt it deserves.
The faux-idea of these "social events" is the same of ancient paganism: Teach men to worship a woman. It's been carried into the modern age by the pseudochristianity of the Roman Catholic cult. The BanKhazars have turned it into a political deceit for their own purposes. In the name of equality, I recommend an alternative:
Teach women to EARN respect by carrying their own weight!

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texlahoma said...

I think you give some great advise to a young man faced with all the prom stuff - esp. the after party.