Sunday, April 15, 2012

Happy Robbery Day

CFN salutes the chains that bind US together on The New Plantation.
Slavery has come a long way since those humble American beginnings on Wall Street and cotton farms: Massa has been replaced by a Federal Reserve Bank chairman. Chains have disappeared and adjustable-rate mortgages & credit cards have become the new norm. Instead of the whipping post, we have the IRS. You don't even have to be black anymore to become a slave, it's an equal-opportunity destroyer, and its name is DEBT.
America started out with a dream of being a place where ANYONE could be whatever they wanted, provided that goal was positive and beneficial, or atleast benign. The only assumption that prevented, and still prevents it from working, was that no successful person would ever manipulate the system to keep the unsuccessful that way. Like almost all assumptions, this one is bogus. Despite the fact more money is printed every day and you can't save or hold on to wealth forever - it is the ultimate deteriorating asset - the chief asset-holders still play King Of The Mountain, and get away with it with complete political consent, through the propagation of lies:
Old-Money Filthy-Rich Russians palm themselves off as "God's Chosen People" and victims, and MILLIONS of "goyim" buy this fairytale.
The true value of your money is based on nothing, where it used to be founded on gold and silver.
Uncle Sam is putting away for your retirement through Social(istic in)Security.
Buying a home is a good investment.
*LMAO!* Might as well say "the check is in the mail/I won't cum in your mouth/Ed McMahon will PERSONALLY award this giant prize!"
Go through the archives and look up a series of posts I've done called THIS RECESSION WE'RE BEING SOLD, for clarification...

In the meantime, live simply & boycott Establishment bullshit.

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