Monday, April 9, 2012

"Inevitable Race War!"

Many common canards and some uncommon thought on this completely manufactured concept, so popular among the Johnny-Reb and trust fund baby cadres.
The hyperbole and hysteria is all around, from the rantings of hypocrite preachers picking Trey Martin's bones to John Derbyshire's dying tirade, and most are not dignified and too voluminous for CFN to waste good link space on them. What Galt-in-Da-Box will say is simply this: If I were an Old-Money, Filthy-Rich "Jew", I could devise no better strategy to clear most the "goyim" out of the way than generously paying JewsMedia propagandists & Rev. Mulebreys to pit the two largest but declining groups (blacks due to abortion, internal violence & willful ignorance, whites due to faggitry, doperism & "educated" ignorance) against one another. Once my encited race-war was over, I could then get more wetbacks into the country to vote for my fellow communists & clean up the mess for a begrudged half-shekel a month. Soros & his fellow war-mongering, greed-driven puppeteers are not stupid.
The same unfortunately cannot be said for Derbydroids, NRObots & other hating knuckle-draggers who faithfully spread and buy their divide-and-conquer proxy-bullshit.

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