Thursday, April 26, 2012

True Homeland Security

One of the reasons Switzerland has never been conquered, despite being the banking capital of Western Europe, is their militia program.
In Switzerland, if you are the head of your household - male or female - you must own, safely store and be proficient in the proper operation of a rifle, shotgun & pistol, along with a certain quantity of ammunition for same. It's not an amendment right, it's a mandated responsibility; a requirement for citizenship.
Here in America, where we are supposed to be free, where we're allegedly so in love with independence and liberty, we are now engaged in the process of enacting laws to spy on, invade the homes of, unlawfully search and seize the property of & indefinately detain American citizens, instead of protecting them - it's what happens when a country becomes the property of foreigners, and we've become that property: OWNED, to the tune of $16 trillion and counting, by the World Bank & IMF...known here at CFN as BanKhazar. All this at the hands of a majority in power who, in the past, claimed so vehemently to believe in the rights to freedom of expression and privacy (is your WTF-ometer pegging yet?)! It matters not whether the excuse for imposing tyranny is counterterrorism from the right or public health & ecology from the left, the American people MUST unite "to uphold, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic."
In 2008, Barack Obama had an incredibly Constitutional idea that would serve the aforementioned purpose; a Citizens' National Security Force. Sensing the common danger, Americans have been preparing for emergency and arming themselves as never before since that time, so most of the raw resources & manpower for such a militia already exist. It would be far more reasonable than the ancient, outdated and bloated bureaucracy of Pentagon & Military Industrial Complex, and legitimately in line with the Second Amendment, if the various divisions were under the authority of each particular state, and such public involvement/civic mindedness would also build community by putting the ultimate power of government back in the hands of We The People where it belongs - a principle idea of our founders.
It's what could happen if we wed individual liberty and national security!

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texlahoma said...

I agree! That's the way it should be, like Switzerland.

You know all that ammo the the DHS has ordered? 650 million rounds of .40 cal, if they start trying to use it on innocent civilians, how can I put this? Everyone should try to get a .40 cal handgun because all of that ammo might not remain in the hands of the DHS if TSHTF.