Saturday, May 19, 2012

Occupy Wall Street

That's what happens when you fill a generations' heads with the faux idea that college equals knowledge.
Let's jump in Galt-in-Da-Box's 'WayBack Machine & turn back the calendar to 1989 (which would have been a better year if George Bush had gotten a Darwin Award instead of joining the Presidents Club). This was the year that, to make a bad lie worse, the Boomerocracy added huge amounts of advocacy for public funding to the CRAPtacar, oft-repeated-but-never-substantiated erzats theory "go to college and get a good education so you can get a good job!!!" Much like the Go West Everybody craze of the early 1980s and the Buy A Home & It'll Go Up In Value bullshit responsible for much of our current economic fiasco, this was more proof one size fits some, but not everyone.
The "Gone To Texas!" solution to the early 80s recession flopped because there weren't an infinite number of jobs there, and most of them were minimum wage to begin with. Factor in illegals willing to work for $3 an hour under the table and used to living 15 to a room, and it was doomed to be short-lived. The "Everyone is entitled to the American Dream!!!" bullshit story popularized by George W. Bush, Barney Frank & Robert Kiosaki was a masterful snowjob on par with Manifest Destiny for the utter ruin and devastation it has wrought, because there is no fate but what we make by our deliberate thought, choice & action. The only person college ever really helps, is those who have long-ago made up their minds what they want to do and are persuing a degree in a given field in accordance with same, atleast that's how it was originally intended to be. Today, with curricula based on nothing but feel-good-ism, I suspect even that has gone beneath the bus!
Because of that last, we wound up with thousands of millenials who were not necessarily bad or miscreant, just unable to grasp that there was no market value - even in the public sector - for that Masters or Doctorate in Emotionalist Excrement they just wasted most their youth and hundreds of thousands in borrowed money to obtain. Maybe the orgies and rave parties eased the pain a little, but I doubt it once reality set in. Congratulations kids, on being screwed by the great American "Should" Machine.
Whenever someone other than you says what "you SHOULD..." do with your life, and their argument consists largely of "you better"s and "if you don't you'll never", the odds are better than excellent you are on your way to getting fucked!!!

P.S:The "get a good education so you can get a good job" fairytale evaporates in the light of nepotism, "minority" favoritism, those who screw their way to the top and myriad other workplace realities with which naive young fools with their heads full of the egalitarian mythology are unequipped to deal.


texlahoma said...

I have known some that did very well, but like you said, they knew what they wanted, they knew the degree that they needed went for it, got it and got the (type) job they wanted.

I've know so many more that just went to college "because that was the next step" and wound up wasting so much money. I was one of those, but I dropped out. Now days people are getting their degrees and ending up just like someone who dropped out.

If people don't have a very specific, realistic job in mind at the end, they obviously shouldn't bother with college.

Bob said...


Who can up with the idea that everybody needs a college degree?

I suppose it was the people who wanted to use schools and colleges for factories to manfuacture brainwashed Socialists.

Bob said...

can = came

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Even laying aside bullshit courses for worthless degrees, the half-century-long mixture of old, expired advice and hypersalesmanship has given US too many broadcast engineers & registered nurses for the number of available positions!
A fundamental part of economics is the law of supply and demand: In a market with just a handfull of cardiologists, those heart doctors are going to be very well paid for their services. If the colleges and universities flood that market with grads with the same skill set, the price paid for services will fall off a cliff.