Saturday, May 5, 2012

Reality Check: Olivia

From her e-mailed screed:

"you seem to have alot of animosity toward women in general and those of your own country in particular. Feminism is a valid perspective that has helped them realize themselves and most importantly, connect emotionally. I don't feel you are fair in your treatment and disposition toward it."

First off, thanks for reading, and for the feedback.
I actually think feminism is a very valid philosophy for any woman who never plans to get married, have children or have sex unless it's with another woman. For any other purpose, it's not worth half a flying fuck!
Having come of age in the 1970s & observed the fat, ugly, hateful, shriking, Jewish-American ten-cent millionairesses at the helm of the movement and their largely detrimental effects on females in my family, the marked decline of the nation politically and economically since the passage of universal sufferage in 1920, the majority of disappointed women who "lived the dream" and have arrived in their late 40s & early 50s longing for children and relationships they can now never have, the hate-filled rhetoric and absolute communist bullshit they are spoon-fed in "Womyns' Studies" college courses, Galt-in-Da-Box makes NO apologies on this matter.
You might be interested to learn that, during this observation, I have also seen and know virtuous women who fulfilled their roles as wives and mothers FIRST, then went on to careers, and consequentally, are very successful and fulfilled!
Is this emotional connection among the feminStaazi something other than the seething hate & same-sex lust I see simmering below the surface almost every day? Honestly, I have much more respect for open lesbians than the "professional" ones still in the closet, looking for something/someone to blame other than their own Vaticanism-induced cloak of pretense they're something other than what they are.
My treatment and disposition toward feminism will change when it produces more Ayn Rands and many less Rosanne Barrs!


Master Doh-San said...

"Feminism is a valid perspective"

Unfortunately, the only thing feminists see is the inside of their own rectums.

texlahoma said...

To me, as far as giving women equal rights and equal pay, feminism is valid.
But mostly, it was a manipulation of women.
"Let's get them in the workforce and we get twice the income tax, from now on."
"Sure, the children will suffer, the family will suffer, but we get twice the income tax, from now on!"