Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Those Less Fortunate"

The professional robbery/thievery advocates moving this dreck also like to whine about overpopulation, the fascinating non-issue at the center of this conversation.
Galt-in-Da-Box wishes to interject a bit of common sense, to wit: What happens when people are provided endless subsidies of food, water, shelter & medical care without having to do anything to earn it? They lay around and FUCK, that's what happens!
You wanna solve this extremely-alleged overpopulation problem (which, if natural selection were not constantly being interfered with by do-gooders, wouldn't even be worth mentioning)?
LESS altruism, not more.
Galt-in-Da-Box made up his mind after Jim FAKKEr and Jimmy FAKEart showed themselves up for what they were to not subsidize losers, failures and nothings. That may sound cruel and unfair, but it's not: It's ABUNDANTLY fair! Look at whining, sniveling cocksuckers like Richard Roberts, Father Manning, Earnest Angely and Al Sharpton and answer me this (if you dare): Would these nobodies be anything if they didn't have a religious tax-dodge to guilt-trip the gullible out of their jack? Do you give money to perennial deadbeats and losers, inside or outside of your family? If so, why!? What incentive do they have to change the behavior that is causing their condition if YOU are stupid enough to reward them for it?
Ever had a stray cat come to your door? Notice what happens when you put out that old can of tuna or a saucer of milk? Kitty wolfs it down, laps it up...And inevitably comes back same time next day for more, because she's found a nice soft touch! If the people who claim to believe in evolution or natural selection as much as they put on really did, they would perform this experiment: STOP FEEDING THE KITTY! Especially when they are already being forced to pay to subsidize every lazy goldbricker on this planet via Uncle Sam.
Been given shit by more than one altruist over this: "And YOU call yourself a Christian!" No I don't. I gave up Vaticanism for the Word many, MANY moons ago and neither apologize nor look back. Yes, I give, but it's done without being taken because there are honest people with honest needs out there who deserve it. That's what differentiates CHARITY from altruism! The only real purpose of altruism is to make lazy bastards feel good, and old-money, filthy-rich ones look good, and those two looting, mooching, non-working, unproductive segments of society already live too well off of those of US who work!!!
If you really want to "make a difference/the world a better place", save your tithe for the worker between jobs or the honest leyman who teaches the Word he lives & stop feeding Satan's numerous "kitties".


Anonymous said...

Don't forget that another purpose of altruism is winning elections.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Oh absolutely!!
That's because most-all politicians are OMFR who never had to work for a living & have been accustomed to wasting the earnings of others by upbringing and deliberate choice.

texlahoma said...

I gave a highly complementary comment on this post but it was wiped out for a while, like my blog.
I almost gave up, but woke up this morning and was pissed off. Anyway, I guess I'm back, for better or worse.