Monday, May 21, 2012

Who Owns America?

Galt-in-Da-Box offers this simple piece of "I rest my case" evidence for the thoughtful consideration of those open to facts.
Let me break this down for you: No matter which sock-puppet wins the White House or what is promised during the run for it, he will profer up some Papist"Christian" excuse why the debt and wars must go on & the socialistic altruism continue, but the hand up his ass and the boots he will lick will still be that of the BanKhazars.
Whenever you hear the phrase "Judaeo-Christian ethic", think Khazakh-Papist cabal, because we have been completely sold out to the Synagogue of Satan by the Whore of Babylon.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, if Ron Paul can't gather enough delegates we are doomed to more war and less freedom.
I think the big boys might want a new puppet, the old one is wearing thin, people are starting to see the "hand" up it's ass and the proof that he is ineligible to be president is really starting to pile up too publicly.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Hopefully DumB-0 only garners the True Believer (yellowdog) vote, the rest of the Democrats see "The Hand" & the handwriting on the wall, & Comrade-O is fkn "1 and DONE!"
Ron Paul is the GOP's ONLY viable candidate, but even if he is elected, he'll be facing a hostile Congress, even if it is majority Republican.
You and I BOTH know Establishment Republican is no better than Democrat Prog.