Sunday, June 3, 2012

A Bitch's World

(Hat-Tip to Master Doh-San for the link.)
...Where this is far removed from an isolated incident.
You don't have to be married to a ball-busting bitch to get pinned up & jacked by one. Galt-in-Da-Box has to wonder how many young, naive guys there are that got scammed into the slammer and out of phat jack in similar fashion? For those in the line of fire, we here at CFN advise you get a REAL lawyer & expert opinion, not a court-appointed railroad accomplice. I haven't priced them lately, but it's a safe bet, even in the People's Republic of Californication - a decent defense attourney must be considerably cheaper than the $1.5M settlement handed the false-accusing cunt in question. More than likely, she will suffer no consequences for her actions. Hopefully, he is not buying her sugar-coated bullshit & feigned SN apologetic friendship. The only apropriate response is a lawsuit, not clicking a "like" button.
There needs to be severe legal blowback for feminStaazi who cry wolf, but that'll only happen if our society breaks the spell of "climate science"/"Christian"ized (Earth-)bitch-worship it has been under!

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