Monday, June 11, 2012

Elephants And Asses...

...screwing the masses.

And we the sheeple keep the bastards in power by voting for the ones offering the biggest handouts!


texlahoma said...

Seems like and endless cycle. I voted for Obama because Bush was so bad.

Now I guess I'm suppose to vote for Romney because Obama is so bad.

I think I'll go Libertarian this time, if they even make it on the ballot here, if I vote at all.


Bob said...

I am sick to death of choice "A" Tweedledee, or choice "B" Tweedledum.

We really do need a choice "C", which by selecting we would tell the cretins running things that none of their chosen pawns measure up.

We need a "None of the above" box to check, and if it gets more votes than any other candidate, it's do it all over time until somebody runs we can stomach.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The Establishment seems set to ram Romney down our throats:
Every guy that ever got (s)elected President was at Bilderberg the meeting before the charade, and we know from experience with Comrade Bush II "the dead voters in Chicago" and similar non-existant plebescheithe will go hefelump as much as they will jackass.
After all, Dubya proved that millions of chortling dittoheads will gladly accept tyranny from a Banksta puppet with an (R) behind his name that won't swallow the jizz of a (D) offering the exact same offal.