Friday, June 22, 2012

Four Simple Things

Any woman should have/master if she REALLY wants a long-term relationship:
1. LONG HAIR - Normal men like women who look like women, not Marines. Women who act and look like men are considered BITCHES on our spectrum, not "strong" or "independent".
2. STAY THIN - If you are/will become a blimp, we will lose interest.
3. SEX ANYTIME - That "headache" that starts six months after marriage and lasts forever after is only the tip of an iceberg that needs to melt.
4. (and perhaps this should have been 1) SHUT UP - We don't care about the ugly neighbor, American Idol, your friends from high school and their issues. We could give a fuck less about the Sierra Club, the environment or what's happening on the soaps, and we sure as fuck don't want to hear about why you feeeeeel DumB-0 deserves a second chance or you should have a mink stoal or Benz because Oy-ving Lipshitz two doors down just bought one for his ex...
If you want those things see item #3 again and take it to heart.


texlahoma said...

Yeah, #4 should have been #1.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The best way to turn a beautiful young woman into a femiNazi hag is to send her to college & fill her head full of "Womyns' Studies" bullshit (basically nothing more than a course that teaches a hate-filled perversion of lesbianism, dreamed up by fat, ugly Khazakh spiritualists).