Sunday, June 10, 2012

The Mind Boggles - UPDATED

Help me out...Let me see if I have this straight:
The same outfit that turned a sound, conservative GOP into globalist, fascist Trotskyites - the one that's been successfully moving communism in America since 1965 through its leftist Bishops, subverting democracy in central & south America for 50 years via "liberation theology" social(ist) gospel & has permanently damaged American morality with its sadistic Jesuit pederasts & Opus Dei masochists while blaming it on abortion - its hands dripping with blood from our Civil War and every Inquisition in Europe is now suing the government over "religious freedom" it would gladly deny everyone if it had absolute power, instead of merely dominant CULTural influence in both political parties! It's the ancient Authoritarian formula, folks: One step forward, two steps back. We're supposed to buy this attempt to infiltrate the Liberty movement and blindly forget the centuries of lies, murder, rape & plunder since 325AD as though the Whore of Babylon actually represents something other than a corrupt imperial dictatorship that should have died two millennia ago in its own ashes. File that one under "the height of self-righteous, hypocritical, egomaniacal bullshit".
Even if you see through the Roman Catholic cult's latest lie, millions "go along to get along" or push it with all their might, feeeeeeling The Whore "would NEVER lie to THEM".


texlahoma said...

"religious freedom" it would gladly deny everyone if it had absolute power

You hit that nail on the head.

To me it's kind of like watching two guys, neither of which you like, beating each other up.
Catholic Church vs Obama's healthcare, as an observer, it's a win win.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

A match made in Hell.