Sunday, June 24, 2012

No Way, Jose

Not surprisingly, as the number of wetbacks and other Papists in the country continues to rise, so does the Jew"New" Age movement in general and spiritualist hooky-pook-ism in particular:
It was a big red flag for Galt-in-Da-Box to find out the majority of the TEAbagger boomers were Papist/Southern Deadfish "JEEEEZusss!!!"-worshippers, and therefore compromising Neocons, who wanted as much altruism (salvation by works) slipped under the door as possible when they believed nobody was looking, including some type of socialized medicine with an (R) behind its name...They just didn't want to pay for it. As a result, John Boehner (pronounce it BONER, because this is a titanic mistake) the most spineless jellyfish in American politics since Jimmah Cahtah, took over in the House, and we've more recently learned of Rand Paul's duplicity...Sorry Randy: You LIE down with dogs & you get up with fleas.
ALL forms of spiritualism hinge on life after death, something-for-nothing, salvation by works, anything goes/fatalism, more than one god &/ Earth/bitch-worship - NONE of which the Bible teaches. The "Christian"ized forms of it all focus on worshipping Mary or Jesus, not The Almighty God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ by Way of him. Spiritualists never commit themselves to mental discipline or a written standard, thus though they'll quote the Bible when it serves their purposes, they largely reject and redicule it, favoring vain repititious mantras, rituals & tantrums for the occupation of their unthinking minds. The TEAbagger infestation is mirrored in OWS by "New" Age forms, but the devil-spirit realm operating it is the same, and both are migrating into Libertarianism as we write. This migration has stolen much credibility from Ron Paul over the years: When people talk Constitutionality, sound money and liberty out one side of their face and UFOs, OOBE, John Birch Society dreck out the other, it's an uncertain sound, a mixed signal that gets processed by the mainstream herd as meaning "I believe in liberty because I'm a crackpot!!!", so tyranny wins by default through confusion.
The Adversary doesn't care how he dresses up the devil spirit realm for people to worship, as long as he gets that worship through them, so the Mary-olater is in the same boat as the Earth-worshipper, and the "JEEEEZusss!!!"-ian is in most cases no better off than the Eco-freak: They all have some CONserva-LIB fear-based, ego-driven FALSE gospel to preach about how you, your life or your world are a-goin' ta HEYELL "if you don't" do whatever they say...
That, is the basic nature of Authoritarianism: It may look sweet and delicious on the outside, but once you bite into that group-think, collectivist Si se puede!!! bait, the fear-hook is still there.

"Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty" (2 Corinthians 3:17), so maybe the reason we are losing our liberty so rapidly is we're looking to idols and spiritualism, playing "follow the follower" and other foolishness instead of seeking God through His Word...Just a theory!

Since this is inevitably going to come up, let me address a few words to the straight-(acting)laced, Puritanic-pretending set of readers who even now feeeeeel like spewing some bilge to the tune of "How can you talk/act/say the things you do and call yourself a Christian!?" First off, I am not a "Christian" & can't be, as I believe the Word of God, not the hypocrite in Rome, his pederast LIARarchy and the pseudo"Protestant" harlot daughters it has produced through fornication with the kings of this world.
Anyone who objectively researches the Bible must inevitably come to the conclusion the entire worldly, religious system that calls itself "Christianity" is - at best - counterfeit.

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