Saturday, June 23, 2012

Saturday Evening Re-post

Hat-tip to Bob @ The Gun Deck.
Did you hear about this? Probably not, I'd wager. Thanks to licensed and cultivated perversion, the portion of our society that created it is dwindling. Thanks also to Khazakh-Papist weakness-pandering and spiritualism, the neanderthal/barbarian and thug sectors of our society are growing and being imported at alarming rates!
In this case, all the well-choreographed whining for gimmes...I mean "justice" for Treyvon Martin - to say nothing of our multiCULTI/PC media - keeps drowning out the other 9/10ths of reality...
And the reality is the inmates are running the asylum into the ground!


Bob said...

One begins to understand why the comman man - during the French Revolution - killed everybody that was educated.


What's the difference between Maris Antoinette's "let them eat cake" and that GSA fool in the hot tub with the two glasses of wine?


The hot tub guy is still alive.

Bob said...

Maris = Marie

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

The French had a way of dealing with wayward career politicians we may need to resurrect, if the current situation continues as it is unfolding.
Talk gets you nowhere when you are talking with pathological liars and perennial hypocrites!

texlahoma said...

Mainstream media has an agenda any news that doesn't fit into that agenda is ignored or, if it can't be ignored, is spun beyond recognition.