Thursday, June 7, 2012

World Hunger Update

When giant multinational corporations like Dole, Monsanto & Squibb control all the food production and drug manufacture on Earth, you can expect controlled starvation, higher prices and poorer quality.
"Single-payer"/provider=MONOPOLY! Monopolies have never been good for the consumer, a great example being the global central banking system known as WorldBank/International Monetary Fund. Make no mistake about it, this alleged "fund" is a facia corporation or holding company for Rothschild, Goldman-Sachs & the usual gang of suspects. This company totes the note for every nation's "sovereign debt", and this is why the burgeoning world debt bubble is such a major issue. Ask any Columbian or Argentine what happens when a borrow-happy government collides head on with the off-turning of the Great Khazar Credit Spigot. The American defecit (debt for this year alone) per capita is nearly $50,000, and the national debt per individual American is over a quarter-million dollars. When the "Jews" get afraid of never seeing their money again, WB/IMF will simply cancel our government's credit card and demand payment. In light of NDAA & recent "executive orders" authorizing resource confiscation and other fascist niceties, I think you can see what happens next!
If you don't have any money - and remember ALL money is now based not on gold or silver but DEBT - you can't buy food...There's your world hunger situation!


Bob said...

Just when was it that America decided it was our responsibility to feed and police the world?

When was it we decided that we were supposed to spread democracy everywhere?

We - of course - didn't. Bleeding hearts in the government decided for us.

Problem is, those damned bleeding hearts haven't bled to death yet.

We need to help them along in the process.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

How I wish it was compassion & liberation that drove these efforts, not subversion and tyranny!