Friday, July 27, 2012

All They Had?

This is a Brown Bess Musket:

This type of firearm is called a "flint-lock". In order to fire it, one had to use a piece of flint, tightened down into a specially-made, spring-loaded armiture, which would, when the trigger was pulled, contact a strike plate, spark (hopefully) the powder in a priming pan, which would then (hopefully, if the packing was right and the apperture was not fowled) ignite the powder and fire the weapon. They used a crudely-fashioned lead ball anywhere from .50-80 caliber. All of them were hand-made, subject to misfires, and varied widely in caliber and quality of construction. Professional soldiers had to practice quite often and know the quirks of their weapon quite well in order to become proficient. Most of the minutemen and Continental Army were not professional soldiers...
This was the standard combat weapon of the Revolutionary War!
You have to wonder, Was that all they had going for them? If it was, they clearly would have gotten their ass kicked, against the most powerful Empire on Earth at the time, and unless we rediscover the great idea or principle that held this nation so long together, we're going to crumble...little by little, until we're finished. Tyranny does not come so much by the acts of evil men as by the indifference of good ones.
Could it be we have been indifferent - silent and idle - too long?

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texlahoma said...

Americans are starting to realize what is going on. Look how long it took most people to see that 9-11 was an inside job. People are seeing that Aurora is fake right off the bat. We are getting wise quickly, I just hope it's not too late.