Sunday, July 8, 2012

Liars Hate Truth

In a society that has become do debased, corrupt and demoralized it has accepted the lie that the Constitution securing its liberty is "fundamentally flawed/just a goddamn piece of paper" - and bought those lies to the degree the New York Times published an article about treasonous "justices" who no longer look to it for guidance - why am I not surprised this kind of excrement is becomming more common?
The Adversary never commits himself to a written standard, therefore it illogically follows that spiritualists despise any legitimate code limiting their seared-conscienced, reprobate-minded operation. We took the liberty of investigating the outrageous claims made above long ago, and while the Authorized Version of 1611 has its failings, one of the oldest manuscripts extant, the Peshita (Aramaic text, sometimes called "the Lamsa Bible") not only verifies the King James, but authenticates how many notations in that Bible key the reader to areas the translators had issues with, or could not resolve. Something else you may not be aware of is the propaganda photo above is the work of Papists, not atheists. Truth cannot be rejected without consequences: Dick Morris claims the controvercial citizen disarmament bill disguised as a UN treaty is due to be voted on or signed into law on July 27th - something we NEVER would have happen without the Communist from Kenya in the White House & the Khazakh whore that serves as speaker of the House who chronically bends over for him. If you are white and a gun-owner, you are about to be subjugated. Such subjugation was what started the Revolutionary War 237 years ago...
One wonders if Americans have the guts to fight for their liberty today, or if the majority are bought-off whores like Boehner, bereft of spine and void of any integrity whatever!


texlahoma said...

Interesting timing July 27th, the same day as the opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics.

I'm hoping the Oath Keepers and other true Americans in the military will do the right thing and take over should this really happen. If not, I guess we'll see if this country has any backbone left.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Almost forgot the link to Dick Morris' disturbing revelation.
Without complete disarmament of the plebes, the excessive robbery for which PPACA is merely an excuse cannot occur.