Monday, July 9, 2012

A New Drug?

No, just an old prescription that would cure many ailments:

The first thing that fucked up the family was when two generations had the male heads of households killed off in world wars, then creeping pussyism took over, as the generations of pussified men raised by women in THOSE abominations tried - and failed - to head families of their own. Forget about "generation gaps", poor toilet training, lack of public assistence and all the usual bullshit cop-outs you hear commonly proffered by the bitches running homes today and the sociological pussies paid by government to smokescreen the fruit of its errors.
The banKhazars and their Papists who have driven this country to one unnecessary interventionist escapade after another, including our current ones, need to be drug out and horse-whipped to death.

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