Friday, July 6, 2012

The New "Thin"?

With Perverted becoming the new Normal by Schtaat edict & the perennial snivelings of GLAAD, "strong, independent" feminStaazi worldwide are launching a full-figured counteroffensive in the un-natural rights battle.
After this fucked-up story went viral, fat ugly bitches around the planet - and I mean aROUND the fucking PLANET - started coming out of the closet and sharing too much information. You might say, as many of these assert "What have you got against curves?" A basketball has all kinds of curves, but Galt-in-Da-Box'd never boink it. While there is much worse to be had, take a look at ANY of these pictures and let me know if the subject thereof gives you a chubby! It's what you might call a niche fetish. I hate to even suggest this, but is it possible that since the illusion that government can take care of all our healthcare needs has been successfully created, accepted and sent on its accountability-free way to being financed, the gimmes take it as license to live as abnormally, unnaturally and dangerously as they want? If you ever needed proof of Rush Limbaugh's Undeniable Truth of Life # 24*, the prosecution rests.
Incredible how the same generation that was thin-obsessed when we were in school is now endeavoring to brain-filthy US that fat is where it's at!
*"Feminism was established so that unattractive women could access the mainstream of society."


Bob said...

"I'm fat Vancover, get over it".

No no no no...

You're obese, you pitiful bitch, get on a diet!

texlahoma said...

The first one on the Mail Online wasn't THAT bad, I mean, with the right amount of alcohol (LOTS!) and the right lighting (COMPLETE DARKNESS!)...

That kind of figures when our society is plentiful, lots of jobs, lots of money and food, women are suppose to be thin.

Now that jobs, money and food are harder to come by, women are suppose to be BIG.

It's good to be a guy.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Call me old-fashioned, but I still think that, if a woman wants a man, she should at least TRY to maintain the semblance and appearance of a female of the species!
The fat chicks are actually tolerable in some cases...The worst are muscle-bound, bobb-haired, cigar-smoking, marry-and-rob-through-divorce types who similarly mistake arrogance and impudence for self-confidence/esteem! They are too busy competing with men to be fit companions, and I defy you to try and hold/dance with one of them.
If I wanted to date/marry Olga the Ukranian coal-miner or Rosy the riveter, I'd fucking move to Russia!

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

You got it, Bob: "Fat" would have been an improvement for Ms. Liberated Canadian Earthquake!

Master Doh-San said...

You didn't *really* think we were all going to look at those pics, did you? :-)

To all the fat chicks: As The Old Sarge says: If the gummint wanted you to have a man, they'd issue you one.

(Wait a sec. Let's not give these cretins any ideas.)