Monday, July 16, 2012

"War On Women"

"EnLIEtened" globalists like HITLERy Clinton constantly whine and shrike about this imaginary conflict when sluts can't get unlimited contraception & abortions at taxpayers expense.
Galt-in-Da-Box wonders if they've bothered to consider the REAL War On Women taking place daily in Saudi Arabia, or are people like her & Emperor Soros more concerned with inflicting their "multiCULTural" one-world fantasy on everyone?
Take a good look at some of the casualties:

Empty-headed emotionalism-based altruistic fairytales are great at coctail parties or morning coffees, or afternoon teas where Old-Money, Filthy-Rich ten-cent millionaires and heiresses can delude themselves all they want. They're not worth a shit - practically speaking - in the real world where the people they live off of have to live and work.
Letting boatloads of the sadistic, fanatical thugs and neanderthals who enjoy inflicting suffering on the helpless into our society is a monsterously stupid and evil idea, and we shouldn't CAIR what terrorists in three-piece-suits say about it!


Bob said...

12th century barbarians.

They may have once been proud and independent men, but no more. They cannot cope with the modern world, and as a result, civilization has destroyed them.

They are useless and excess human refuse, adrift in a world they cannot possibly understand.

Send them back into their deserts, along with their tents and their herds of goats. Let them have their big fancy swords and bejeweled daggers, but take away their guns.

Camels and asses... yes. Cars or trucks... no. Airplanes? Definately not.

Shove them out of civilization and never let them return.

Since they like to use their goats and each other for sex, don't let them take any women with them.

Let their sun bleached bones scattered across the desert be the only record they ever existed.

The world will miss none of them, nor will it mourn their passing.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

With nearly a millenium's worth of oil under our feet, WTF are we doing business with these goddamned ragheads for?
We should have boycotted them 20 years ago, told the eco-fagits to stop whining and deal with it, then started drilling our own!

texlahoma said...

I've said this before...
Even though I believe 9-11 was an inside job, with 19(?) most of the hijackers being from Saudi Arabia, that's the country that we should have attacked in retaliation.
We'd have so much oil, gas would be 50 cents a gallon.
(I know, Bush was buddies with the bin Laden family plus the oil industry, so that would never happen while he and Chaney were in charge.)

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I got it all out of my system on the other blog, tex.
That "war" wasn't/isn't about terrorists, it's about money, control & enslavement. Not a fucking coincidence Jew bankstaz got rich while everyone else treaded water or got poorer.
War is "good for the economy" in the same way that cannibalism is nutritious...It aint!
But that won't keep Comm-ney from getting US into another one with Iran.