Friday, July 20, 2012

Yes Virginia (Tech)...

...They really Are THAT fucking Stupid!

People who feeeeeel it's a great idea to create serfs and victims by disarming law-abiding citizens are what Josef Stalin called USEFUL IDIOTS!


Bob said...

Just watched a videowife got from Netflix...

Endgame: Bluepring for Global Enslavement

Eye-opening, scary.

Shows how far the global elite are in creating their one-world government, and a whole lot of other terrifying things.

Check it out... if you haven't already.

They are creating a two-tiered world society, one tier where the global elite exist with the best of everything, including life-sustaining medicines and care, the other tier where humanity has been chemically dumbed down into compliant serfs, incapable of rebellion.

Let tha soak in... a ruling class, and the rest of humanity reduced to chemically modified serfs incapable of higher thought.

It would appear they intend to reduce global population by 80%, using as many as 16 man-made viruses, one after the other, until only 1 billion (or less) remain alive.

At least, that's some of their plans. These incredibly rich, power hungry control freaks are hardly more than animals who are enemies of all humanity and will succeed unless we strike before they do.

If they get the guns in America, it's all over.

They intend to kill off 80% of humanity. Sleep on that.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I don't put much stock in JBS or Alex Jones, however the behavior patterns of the sock-puppet in the White House parallel one other ruler in history: Adolf Hitler.
And it's pretty much an open secret VeldtSchtaat is the ulterior aim of the United (abomi)Nations; it makes no qualms nor apology for Agenda 21 on its website.
What 0bama & the Senate don't understand is, if they sign & ratify the SAT, they have signed away all power and authority over the military as well: All will be subject to some damn board of bureaucrats, and if we don't comply, subject to enforcement by other nations: HITLERy is about to plant a knife in Barry's back, apparently with his concent.
I would bet huge jack The Dragon Lady has a seat on that UN board, and while he is distracted with the carrot-and-stick "social(istic in)justice" of finally disarming all US "white devils", she gets most of the authority to give marching orders!

Absolutely chilling:

You might have believed Barack Obama was the worst President America ever had - wait til he has "ekschpendet his uzfulnez to Der Holy Mother Schtaat" and been disposed of ala Abraham Lincoln - you ain't seen nothing yet!

texlahoma said...

Great poster, says a hellofalot.

Bob - Welcome aboard sir!
Now you know where I am coming from most of the time.