Wednesday, July 18, 2012

You Stupid Bitch

There were several chats online yesterday Galt-in-Da-Box wanted to yell just that, at the top of his lungs, through clenched teeth.

Had to explain this numerous times to ditzes online who freely admitted voting for DumB-0 "because, like, he's such a stud!" but couldn't figure he would remark such about their small businesses...READ HIS BOOKS:
He was raised by communists,
Molded by communists,
Most of his black racist friends are communist,
He's advocated communism numerous times as President, 
Written almost a thousand Executive Orders for the implementation of communism during a "national emergency"...
And yet dumb, white, blond lady business owners shit themselves in surprise when he glorified communism by saying "you didn't build that" business...
Barack Obama could be a serious threat to this country, but NOWHERE NEAR as much a threat as the stupid feminStaazi bitches that put him in the White House!!!
Look at the socialism that has been implemented in this country since the passage of Sufferage and tell me the so-called "war on women" wouldn't be justifiable, if it actually existed?

What Barry can't grok is the obvious: Government helped business the most by staying the fuck out of its way from 1776-1932...Too damn bad that's not the case today!


texlahoma said...

I can't really blame people for voting for Obama the first time but it's like the saying:

I couldn't agree with you more about
"Government helped business the most by staying the fuck out of its way."

BBC said...
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Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Our choices seem to run the gambit of piss-poor and mediocre-crappy, tex. Com-ney & O'Romma are mirror images, so I'm stumping & rolling with Paul...Or Johnson. Gary used to govern my home state.

That fly is back, I see *reaches for rolled up newspaper*.

Bob said...

Well, what were we all expecting?

Women were once expected to stay at home and raise the kids while the men were expected to go out and provide a living for the family.

But along came the Progressives, the Socialists, the Marxists and the Communists... on TV and into our schools.. The stay-at-home women started watching daytime TV loaded being loaded up with feminist crap, in which the men were clumsy idiots that required the all-knowing female to save his bacon, day in and day out.

For a long time, evening TV, watched by the men, had none of that feminist garbage on it.(you know, the stories about the successful highly intelligent single career girl that saves her company every week from the male-created disasters). Evening TV had macho westerns and detective stories, male fantasy stuff... and Sports. Men had no clue that the women were being brainwashed on daytime TV against them by the sonsabitches in Hollywood, the media AND the government.

Meanwhile, both Mom and Dad were sending their kids off to schools that had been infiltrated by anti-family, anti-male, anti-American and anti-religious sellouts, whose only job was to dumb down every new generation and convince them their parents were out-of-touch, mostly uneducated and somewhat dangerous malcontents, to be watched and reported on if necessary.

When the Dads finally started wising up to all this, it really made no difference, since they had already been conditioned - by TV and the media - to believe that sports were more important than anything, and that backing some damned team somewhere was far more important than paying attention to the government, or for that matter, paying the required attention to their wives and kids.

A man who backed a winning team was automatically a popular macho dude, while a man who backed a losing team was branded a loser, a social outcast to be scorned - not only by his now totally feminist wife and scornful dumbed-down children, but also his fellow man - and banned from mancaves where only manly men are allowed to gather.

This sports fanaticism made it easy for schools to concentrate on sports rather than education, making it far easier to dumb down the populace.

There it is in a nutshell. A 100-year plan placed into motion during the days of Wilson and Roosevelt.

We are seeing the results of this plan:

A nation full of self-centered male-hating females being treated for constant depression:

Generations of parent-hating kids who know next to nothing about anything except self-indulgence:

A population full of men who have been effectively neutered, incapable of any sort of action against those who are destroying him, his family, his kids, his home and his nation.

America's skies will soon be full of drones, and its streets full of blue-helmeted foreigners.

So, what's the options?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

A pretty good overview of Pussywhipped Progressive USA, Bob - not much has gotten by you.
Frankly, I'm surprised as many small businesses are left as they are (BTW, a small business owner who votes Democrat is like a chicken who cheers for KFC or Chic-Fil-A: i.e: A dumbass)!
Women AND men are spoon-fed the group-think bullshit from youth today, by all media & education sources. Hardly anyone dares to think for themselves, and most that dare are browbeat out of it by the herd, if not the herders.
The independent, individual mindset is essential for a small business owner, but the stupid bitches I was chatting with online were almost utterly bereft of it, and like the tramp-stamped, scantily-clad younts that fill our shopping malls these days, in search of a "bad boy" - enter Comrade-0/0ur Dear Leader.
Hot flashes & gooey panties ensue, likewise ignorant emo-decisions...This is quite common since they've been brain-filthied against gender roles, which are - nonetheless - part of genetic make-up and nature. End result, confusion.

You have to decide for yourself how to handle the gathering storm about to break. I'm battoning down the hatches & throwing anything not essential overboard: Everything that is an asset under capitalism or free enterprise becomes a liability under communism.
You will want to pay particular attention to my next post.