Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dear Johnny Reb,

Please...PRETTY please...with sugar on it even...Don't fuck with/up my country.
Galt-in-Da-Box knows damn well, with all the 150-year-anniversary celebrations, internet hyperbole & how all y'all "hate thayam dayam naggarz" you are tempted to start another fight you can't possibly win. I've lived and worked around, with and for you dumb redneck sonsofbitches enough to know the pressure your meth-using, Dodge-driving, mackerel-snapping ass must be under to die down to that braindead bullshit about "THA SAYOUTH GUNNA RIIISE UH-GAYIN" must be stupefying, but keep resisting. 'Cuz if you give in, I'm gonna hafta throw in with a crowd I don't really care for and put you the fuck back in your place...and I will...without qualms, hesitation or any other issue!
So just take a look at the welfare checks from Uncle Sam in your mailbox, sit back down infront of the bullshiTVision & vegitate that pea-brain of yours with Gunsmoke reruns or something, because if you start giving people shit, you're going to find out there are much worse things in the world than Carter Country getting cancelled!


Bob said...


Who - or what - yanked your chain today?

texlahoma said...

Sounds like you have to be around some of the dumbest, most prejudice and backwards Southerners out there.

Believe me they aren't all like that, the people you are describing are defiantly the bottom of the barrel.

Too bad you have to be subjected to all that.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Bob - CB radio...Need I say more?

tex - the ones I generally meet are the type that come north looking for gubmint sinecure &/ welfare, yet still drawling their Ku Klux Krap..."ignorant" would be an improvement!

Primarily posted this because Bubba is likes-to-fight guy. About anything, win or lose, and more often drunk or stoned than sober! Thankfully, most of them are dying out, but to get away from them and their dipshit spawn, I generally have to take a vacation to someplace in Dixie:
Where people know better!

That whole damn war was hatched by Vaticanism to do what the banKhazars via their puppet in the White House are doing to US now:
EuroPEON pussification & subjugation!