Saturday, August 11, 2012

Empty Suit Presidency

Blaming others is the hallmark of incompetence.
From screaming "raciss!!!" to dumping on the predecessor he emulates so well - only on steroids - to endless tyranny advocacy, the most egotystical, presumptuous and dangerous administration in United States history goes brazenly fr0ward, even while the colusion of czars and banKhazars is evident on every hand. There will be dire consequences if America fucks this election up and votes in either of the Establishment corruptocrats. GeOPapists continue to fellate and rim Ryan, acting as though the Republican convention's a done deal & the other side of tyranny has already "selected not elected" the Romney/Ryan disaster.
A Constitutional Republic can afford neither a Comrade-0 redux nor a Romney win, because if the banKhazars buy this one we ALL get sold down the river.


texlahoma said...

He probably does have a coin like that. We need to replace it with one that has these choices;

Tell the truth.

Own up to what you've done to this country.

Bob said...


Good post, even if a bit overboard with superlatives.