Wednesday, August 1, 2012

It Is Appauling,

Alarming & unfortunate that a tiny group of old-money, filthy-rich, corporate-media mogul, Khazakh perverts are more worried about license to play house than the First Amendment.


Bob said...

Just another sign that the end of the nation is near.

Don't get upset. Instead, make a few plans that will keep the spotlight off your and yours.

Remember, these cretins are the enemies of our Republic. They are the destroyers of our Constitution and our Constitutional government. They are the enemies of our future, our welfare and our familes. They have robbed us blind, sold our jobs down the river, and given away our industrial base. They have bankrupted us. They have allowed millions and millions of illegal aliens to invade and occupy without consequence. They consider us as nothing more than slaves and servants, and have publicly stated they may need to kill 25 million or more of us to achieve their final goals of ultimate control and domination.

They have made turned this nation into a hellhole of privledged, untouchable minorities whose only goals are to collect more handouts. These minorites will be the gatekeepers and guards at the now-existing FEMA camps, some of them designed to hold a million citizens.

Stalin and Hitler would have been proud of these animals.

They are criminals on a massive scale. Should they ever lose their control over the police and military, there will be nothing between them and the hangman's noose, because they are all guilty of crimes almost beyond imagination.

Whatever we may do in return to them is small potatoes compared to what they have already done to us.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

I wonder if the police, guards & homeland security agents know those crooked fuckers have stolen their pensions?