Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Liberty In Danger

Our President is owned by them, as is 40% of Congress & 100% of our ever-burgeoning National Debt...
Which is 112% of our GNP!
Welcome to the American Inquisition: Wall $treet banKhazar$ want jack, the Papistocracy invents a "national security" scam to get it for them. If you are white and a gun-owner, you are a target of opportunity for this state-sponsored terrorism, moreso if you are wealthy. Considering the fact 0ur Dear Leader's 0% Interest deal from BanKhazar expires 1JAN2013, we need to throw all our might behind anyone fighting for a Federal court ban on the unconstitutional provisions of NDAA 2012..."Patriot" Act on steroids!
If Bush-'bama had really been serious about fighting terrorism, they would have kicked every Muslim raghead out of the country long before now - which means some other Democrat would be President.

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texlahoma said...

"which means some other Democrat would be President."