Monday, August 6, 2012

Make Some Noise

Make a lot of noise...on the phones, via email, whatever you have to do to make the mis-representatives realize you are not going to put up with anymore assaults on the First Amendment.
Especially that spineless corporate whore John Boehner (R-OHIO).
They don't have to see the light as long as they feel the heat!

While you're at it, remind your senators that magazine capacities and internet privacy riders should not be pinned to the 2012 Cybersecurity Act...Even Joe Lieberman is pissed at the bastards trying to make a name for themselves by sticking their anti-Constitutional dreck on his bill.
Since he and John McCain have drafted and sponsored a lot of that themselves, that should give you a moment of pause!


1 comment:

texlahoma said...

Wow, even Lieberman? He is on my list of top liberty haters. It must REALLY be bad.