Friday, August 24, 2012

Slaughter The Innocent

The first step down was when hypocrites invented the term "enhanced interrogation" to pretty up torture...after all, if a child-molester in the Oval Office authorizes it, no harm no foul, right?
From calling kidnapping "indefinite detention" and robbery-bribery "wealth-redistribution" has come the latest rationalizing proof the seared consciences and reprobate minds of the perverts running our burgeoning empire have the ethics of Charles Manson. IT'S OKAY TO MURDER KIDS, Say Medical Bureaucrats, just call it "after-birth abortion":

Read it & weep!

Pray you never have to go "under the knife" when the scalpel is in the hands of these kinds of diseased maniacs. When the Bible is called "fairy tales" and the Constitution "fundamentally flawed/just a goddamn piece of paper" by the same kinds of animals, does this sort of thing surprise you?
Remember: Most of the world is under the jackboot of criminally-minded thugs whose only differences from actual criminals is their high-birth & better armament!
Hat-tip to texlahoma of Bluebeerriver for scooping this!

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Bob said...

Already commented about this over at Blubeerriver. Anything I might add now would be very politically incorrect, maybe even nasty.

Or worse.