Friday, August 31, 2012

Vote Clint 2012!!!

I like Eastwood.
Too bad he's just a new pair of Wranglers the GeOPapists slipped on to cover their massive cameltoe:
The only differences between Comrades 0bama & Romney
1. Romney has an (R) behind his name.
2. Romney is white - the kind of pasty white that blends in well with Wall $treet banKhazars!
3. Romney buys the three major lies on which Vaticanism is founded: Three false gods, life after death, salvation by altruism - two of which his banksta owners ALSO lip-serve.
For many chortling dittoheads and Dodge-drivers, that's enough. It's okay if a politician disregards the law of the land & enslaves US further to international banKhazars with endless UNconstitutional wars for faux-Israel & the glory of The Whore, as long as he looks like one of the sheep and can lie with a smile on his face. If you believe replacing Hitler with Stalin is an improvement, by all means vote for either 0bamney or Rombama...The result will be no different. If you like being a free, white gun-owner who is not labeled a terrorist or belligerent for not endorsing fascism and tyranny,
You might lose your federal bribes and handouts, but you wIll get your freedom back!

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texlahoma said...

I noticed how there was no criticism of the war in Afghanistan at the GOP convention but criticism for not attacking Iran. You're right, neither party really gives a flying f*ck what the we the people want.