Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Who Starts It

Determines what side Galt-in-Da-Box is on.
The Revolutionary War was started by government attempting to disarm the people. Hopefully the Kenyan Communist will not prove ignorant and egotistical enough to repeat that mistake. The War On Bubba was started when equally ignorant hilljacks fired on American military at Fort Sumner. We hope Johnny-Reb doesn't get methed/liquored/filled with Papist bullshit enough to repeat THAT ignorant mistake, and since most are whoring out for Romney-RINO, it appears that may be averted:
The braindead dreck I've stumbled upon online of late indicates The Whore & her RedShield Jew owners have a substantial campfollowing on the Establishment "right"...which means whoever promises the wetbacks & boomers the most gimmes will probably get in - they don't have to deliver, they just have to fool enough of the rubes long enough to get elected. Then the VeldtSchtaat agenda will continue to advance.
The wild card in the deck is the 0bammunist - Is he the tyrant who would be king, or just paving the way to foR moRe RINO waRs? It better be the latter, because he has thoroughly dissed the military via disenfranchisement.
Makes perfect sense if you're insane!

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