Saturday, September 1, 2012

America's Last Days?

When I was a kid I read and listened to a radio play adaptation of The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward Bulwer-Lytton; a fascinating 19th Century novel built around the apocalyptic demise of the ancient Roman resort city.
Of late I wonder how and what will be written of these times in which we live, a millennium or two hence? Will historians and archaeologists write of a people who resisted the imposition of a global banKhazar empire upon them and stood up for individual liberty, or who valued ease and comfort above freedom - who continued to be demoralized by accepting the lie of something-for-nothing - and submitted like sheep, out of fear their welfare/workfare/warfare handouts would end if they stopped being pussified, and just went, with the flow, right down the drain? The term "zombie apocalypse" has become quite popular in our day and time, but what if the end was much more subtle; an effeminate whimper, not the bang of a nuclear weapon from Iran or anywhere else. Spineless jellyfish are only fit to inhabit the ocean depths, not lead the free world, and the people supposedly leading the free world today are largely interested in empty promises of Social Security rather than maintaining health, diligence and vigilance: We don't merely believe someone else will be responsible for us, we demand and defend it.
None of us - contrary to media/SCREWool propaganda - is responsible for slavery or the subjugation of indigenous Americans, but if we continue to do nothing but ask for freebees and fight among ourselves instead of consolidating our efforts and demanding liberty, America will fall.
And we WILL be responsible for that!

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Bob said...

Before you do anything, you need to identify exactly who the "we" are "...if we continue to do nothing but ask for freebees..." you talk of.

There is absolutely no denying that different types of people have different work ethics, different morals, different attitudes.

Identify those who are the freeloaders, non-producers, robbers and shirkers - and let them go their own way without us as crutches, bonded servants or unwilling ATM's.. This kind of human baggage has brought down more than one civilization by preying on the kindness and generosity always present in those who acually build civilizations.

As we watch, civilization is once again being annilihated by animalistic barbarians and those hiding behind the trappings of civilization and who - like vampires - feed off the efforts of others.

Allowing them to eliminate themselves by their own actions - or lack thereof - would be a service to all humanity.

The light of civilization is going out before our very eyes. Are we to remain frozen - motionless and helpless - as these cretins return us all to the darkness?

At 74 yars of age, I ask a question I will never see the answer to.