Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Church Over Yet?

Just curious...My birthday has turned into a 24-hour Khazar-Papist death-glorification festival not unlike a mass, so Galt-in-Da-Box would like to be sure.
A normal mourning period is right around 30-45 days, most psychiatrists say. They never factored in what happens when mourning gets converted into a money-making scam!
Eleven years past.
Osama bin Ladin's dead.
All that really needs to happen is for US to figure out Afghanistan's a fucking waste of time and money & bring the troops home. If we do not have the resolve and brains to roll into Saudi Arabia & end it completely, we need to call it a loss and over; another damn Vietnam for Wall $treet & banKhazar.
Is it time to "MOVE ON" yet? If not, if the career welfare whining wealthy in Jew Yawk are not through sniveling - usually for more handouts of Federal largesse - how much Washington Papistocracy ego-stroking will suffice? This is a serious question, because the price tag is getting steep:
1.Handout$ to Khazakh victim'$ familie$.
2.Three proxy-war$ for NewKhazakhstan/The Mistake on the Med.
3.Bailed out failed auto maker$.
4.Bailed out bank$taz.
5.The inevitable cave-in to Chicago's overpaid union baby$itter$ & indoctrinator$.
You don't have to go to Ma$$ to get your pocket picked for altruism anymore, Der Schtaat is bringing the begging bag to you, and pointing a gun at your head to get you to fill it.

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texlahoma said...

Good point, about pointing a gun at your head to fill it.

Our outrage on what they spend our money on should be secondary to the fact that they threaten to send armed goons to take you away if you don't pay up.

Sounds a little like armed robbery to me.

Since hardly any of our representatives actually represent the will of the people anymore, isn't this taxation without representation?

And we all know what that is - tyranny!