Thursday, September 6, 2012

Conventions Are...Conventional

"UNELECTABLE 2012" continues, largely as scripted, and could be called 2008 REDUX:
Your choices remain Poor, or Piss-poor. Funny how it's open season on Democrats for not officially kissing the ass of the Whore of Babylon or the Synagogue of Satan on their Convention floor: Is "GOOOOOOODuh!!!" running for President? When did Jerusalem become an American city? Their only failing was back-peddling. Lest we forget there was one time in world history when stupid-stition officially ruled civilization - it was very accurately called The DARK AGES! Think about it, peeps.
Were I still a Republican I would be careful about denying the existence of voter fraud after a convention that was rife with it. When the highlights of your show are an old guy talking to a chair & videos of the only decent President you've had in thirty years - whose principles you've done everything to abandon - perhaps you shouldn't knock the farmers while your mouth is full.
If one camp wins, we will be a third world shithole and witness the complete nullification of the Bill of Rights. The other will start WW3, end workers' rights and be responsible for the largest theocratic imposition (or is that INQUISITION?) on individual liberty since "manifest destiny"...
Business as usual when the corrupt rule the willfully ignorant and lazy.

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texlahoma said...

I'm actually convinced that WW-3 will start no matter who wins, but pretty much agree with your assessment on everything thing else.