Thursday, September 13, 2012

"Ivy Lee List"

First six things to do if elected President:
1. Cut off ALL foreign aid.
2. Serve notice on the UN they have 90 days to get the hell out of here. Suggest the see about renting digs in France.
3. Order all our service people home and deploy them along our coasts and borders, while using DHS to start our transition back to a state-militia system.
4. Inform Pope Benny that a Vatican embassy in Washington DC is overkill when you have one on damnear every American street corner, and start downsizing the Federal, union labor bureaucracy where half his financing comes from.
5. Call Ben Burn-bank-e up & tell him we want our gold back, for which I'll gladly trade him all the fiat paper we can print - just before declaring it and KikeBancUSA INSOLVENT & legitimately Federalizing the Reserve.
6. Close the southern border.
Any ideas for Day Two's list?

1 comment:

Bob said...


Deport 20 million illegals.
Outlaw Sharia law in the U.S.
Have Obama kiss my ass.