Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Money Over Everything?

Let's assume the "left" is right and the determining factor in who wins the election is money.
Despite not only having twice the funding of 0bama but a rigged nomination, the unreserved praise and adoration of FauxNews, more money pouring in from super-PACs & almost all of talk radio on his side, Willard is trailing every poll...Here's how that happens! Earl Nightingale mentioned how a person can be ever-so-polite & present a great appearance, but the minute he or she opens their mouth and begins to speak they declare to the world their position on the socio-economic pyramid. So far Mitt Romney is telling America he is everything they don't want: "Trust me"-government from a man with no integrity and the detached, aristocratic disposition of one whose only world experience is with country club society and gated community existence. Galt-in-Da-Box has long been convinced a major factor in America's decline is the demise of those who actually know how to do things and their replacement with look-goods and feel-goods who, for all their polish or personability, know nothing. Today one can be a very well-educated know-nothing; perhaps even have a degree from a prestigious university in Know-Nothingness! We had a Johnny-Reb from Crawford Texas & another one from Arkansas, both of whom were blitheringly ignorant, but got elected twice because of their ability to manipulate people & game things to their benny through CON-nections.
Romney may have the latter, but the former comes up dismally short. Though I believe the fixx is in for him, he may blow it with the voters because his brain is demonstrably much smaller than his mouth. Despite connections and coin, he appears to be pissing away all his advantages. In professional boxing, they used to call his behavior "taking a dive" or "throwing the fight". He still has a chance to win, but it gets slimmer with every stupid thing that comes out of that bottomless pit in his face. Comrade-R: If you want to win this thing, for the love of Christ hire a damn good speech-writer and follow the script - or learn how to smile & wave but keep your piehole shut.
You are fucking this up!!!

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