Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Never Forget...

...that even if the "official bullshit story" is true, the ragheads who perped this were in the country illegally for a year and a half preparing for the attacks.
Never forget that, on top of bin Ladin telling America he was going to hit US on nationwide TV in 1997, the NSA, FBI & CIA warned Clinton & Bush before it happened...and we did nothing!
Never forget that hundreds of thousands MORE ragheads have been settled in this country as "refugees" by Catholic Charities Int'l, paid for by your tax dollars as a "faith-based initiative".
Never forget how George W. Bush rhetoricized about freedom being attacked/they hate US for our freedom, but we have lost more freedom in the last dozen years than ever before in American history!
Never forget 9-11/TWAT has provided an excuse for massive largesse from gubmint coffers to already-filthy-rich Khazars.
Never forget that going along to get along didn't work out too well for Holocaust victims, and chances are better than excellent it won't work at all for you.
Never forget that religion may not actually cause war, but that hasn't kept the Khazakh-Papist cabal headquartered at the Rothschilds, the Vatican, Goldman-Sachs & Wall $treet from using it as the best excuse for perpetual cannon-fodder police-action since Vietnam!

Above all, Never Forget to THINK
- instead of just mindlessly swallowing partisan rhetoric & jingoism fed to you by the Jewspapers & the bullshiTVision!!!

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texlahoma said...

Good post!

Also an excellent point that we have lost more freedom since 9-11-2001 than anytime in U.S. history.