Sunday, September 30, 2012

Never Give In

It's the only way you win.
We have long known the worst possibilities were open to us, because the struggle for liberty never ends, and government is in the favoritism business when it's not extorting by force. The founders knew they were fighting imperialism and the enemy was among them. God honored the believing of less than 5% of the colonial federation's population because
1. They showed up consistently
2. They knew what they wanted
3. They would not be denied
With their backs to the wall, Great Britain took on the most technologically advanced tyranny of the 20th Century with leftover weapons from WW1, less than half as many aircraft and the faith talked into them by Winston Churchill.
It wasn't much, but like David's slingshot, it was enough! Most contests are decided by the side that refuses to quit, not arms or battle. Vietnam sent US packing because - not unlike our current situation - there was no desire to win on the part of our leaders, only one to fill political cronies' pockets.
Afghanistan has seen more conquerors leave with tail between legs than any nation because it made the victory too costly for the oppressors. What those who wish to conquer never figure out til it's too late is slavery is a greater imposition over time on the slave owner than the enslaved: The costs of maintaining an unnatural state of tyranny mount until the win becomes a net loss.
They learned to use the most primitive weapons to their advantage in Asia. Afghan rebels always had a home field advantage in terrain. Sometimes a shield that will withstand the assaults of the adversary until a weakness can be exploited or a weapon brought to bear is the best armament imaginable.
Does anyone remember the strategy that made Cassius Clay/Muhammad Ali so famous? He would oft cover up and let the enemy spend his energy round after round in futile assaults, then open up relentlessly afterward when his opponent was exhausted.
God is wirh the defenders of liberty.

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texlahoma said...

I remember Cassius Clay said about the Vietnam war.

"Why would I want to go kill people that have never done anything to me?"

"A society that has never enslaved my people."

And I agreed.

But that's a side issue.

I get what you are saying. It's like constant resistance, no matter how small, starts to add up and take a toll, until at some point it is no longer worth it to the oppressor.