Saturday, September 15, 2012

Your "Go!" Signal


Unfortunately, it may not be as obvious as some general message over a radio.
What you could more likely expect is another 9-11 false flag, followed by a Federal imposition of Martial Law (the prettied-up modern way of saying that government is taking control of every aspect of your life). There's been a lot of rumor and speculation about what all might happen. The most important thing that needs to happen - which will be your "go" signal, is when houses start getting searched by the city block, people begin "disappearing" and in like manner they come to disarm you.
Galt-in-Da-Box's policy is to be as cooperative with the Authorities as possible - until they start violating the Supreme Law Of The Land! Search and seizure without warrant is such a violation. So is detention without due process. So is cruel and unusual punishment (waterboarding, stress positions, "walling" &c). The spark that lit off the shot heard 'round the world was when British troops moved to confiscate the firearms and ammunition of the American colonists - THAT is your "go" now as well! This post is going up now because of all the smokescreens, rabble-rousing and just general pot-stirring the Whore is about trying to alarm the people into some kind of uprising: Everyday more Illuminati bullshit finds its way onto the web. The endtimes scare-tactics & fear-mongering YouTube contributions by well-meaning but totally indoctrinated (read that ignorant) religionists, were they recorded, would fill a few trash trucks. For those distracted by religious dogma and therefore not researching the Bible, history or anything else; who swear what they spout has GOT to be true because Rev. Hypocrite or Father Pederast told them all about it, you might want to know the Illuminati was another abomination of the Earth cooked up by Vaticanism centuries ago. The lure of lore that draws Papists to the Occult takes many forms, but then again you have trailer courts and ghettos FULL of dolts who know the Weekly World News is gospel, Louis Farakhan is the voice of the Almighty and John Birch would NEVER lie...figure it out. My most recent depressing conversation was with a fellow absolutely certain that Dan Brown was a prophet and The DaVinci Code was revelation, for which Brown was destined to be cannonized a Saint.
Getting back to reality, "don't believe everything you hear" is a good general rule, especially if it comes in the form of a scare-tactic or fear-mongering. If it's laced with the same old Partisan political or Papist dogma lies you've already heard a thousand times, it's bullshit. Information tells you how to prepare and act. Propaganda stirs emotionalism, usually fear.
Learn the difference!


texlahoma said...

Sometimes it's a little perplexing, the same guys control both Obama and Romney (foreign bankers) yet the MSM always spins things Obama's way. I wonder why. Do they have some sort of deal that the media always spins things for the one in power? If Romney wins will they start trying to make everything he does look good?

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

So-called mainstream media is a propaganda machine for the left - some are more moderate (NBC) some are shamelessly radical (MSNBC). ABCNNBCBS is "news" for those who want to remain ignorant. FauxNews does the same thing with an ever varying degree of Establishment "right"-wing slant. I always wondered how they were allowed to get on the air til Ron Paul arrived, and they showed themselves up for the Establishment authoritarian propagandists they are.
It's easier for me to just read USA Today, WaPo, the New York Times and filter their bias than put up with the mackeral-snappers on Fox & their ever-beating war drums.