Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Guide To Breeding

As a member of both the Baby-BUST generation (X-ers) and also a "Crackah", this is more Public Service than anything;
Advice for white people, since you largely appear to have forgotten all about the process, and once your countries are overrun with foreigners, you are not going to be in charge anymore:

1. Seek out people who make you feel good and are fun to be around.

2. If you don't personally know any of these, plenty can be found at a neighborhood pub.

3. Soak in the atmosphere along with liberal allotments of your favorite beer, wine or liquor (budget a sizable amount of money for this part of the project).

4. Crack jokes and generate a "life of the party" atmosphere.

5. Remenber the appearance of the female is not particularly important as long as her ovaries work & she's cooperative in the rearing process.

6. When engaged in conversation with same, toss plenty of sugary shit like "I'm studying to become a child phychologist/caretaker" or "my great grandad's loaded & about to kick the bucket, and I'm first in line to collect" into the mix to sweeten the pot: Money may make the world go around, but bullshit is the axle on which it turns.

7. Forget the condom before going any further.

8. Make sure you are still sober enough to accomplish the mission once the opportunity arrives (where I usually fuck up) and, as Bubba sez, "git 'er DUNN"!

I realize many may have ethical issues with this method, nevertheless it is based on the most commonly-used procedure and given statistics, about the only thing keeping US from extinction.
Feel free to modify according to personal taste.

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texlahoma said...

I usually start the night out with the appearance of the female being very high on my list, but after hours of beer and closing time approaching, #5 kicks in.

" Remenber the appearance of the female is not particularly important..."