Monday, October 8, 2012

Thankful For Columbus

It's Thanksgiving in Canada.
Here in the US, we call it Columbus Day, but because of multiculturalism and political correctness, we don't celebrate it as much as we used to, or most the festivities are so muted, you may not even be aware of them.
Being Arapahoe & Cherokee, I am well aware of attempts by "liberation" atheo-illogy Communists from south of the border to (pardon the pun) whitewash their reconquista as something that should not be disparaged by comparing it to the drunken stumbling across America that Christopher Columbus "accomplished"; to say - in effect - our thievery is justified by someone else's robbery.
Galt-in-Da-Box looks on with considerable amusement: Columbus was the de-facto first socialist...
He didn't know where he was going when he started out,
He didn't know where he was once he got there, and
He did it all on the backs of the taxpayers!
Today, wetbacks commemorate this remarkable accomplishment by selling themselves into slavery to global corporatocracy and the welfare state.
Out there lost is the reality that, without the 500+ years of individual initiative, liberty & enterprise that followed Chris's blunder, American natives AND Spanish migrants would be much poorer.
I prefer the Canadian model!

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texlahoma said...

Cherokee huh? Me too, not a whole lot, but some.
You're right, Columbus Day use to be a much bigger deal than it is today.
First Socialist, lol, interesting perspective.