Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Within Five Years?

Truth has been available to the common man in his own language since this date in 1517.
Martin Luther broke the chains of ignorance and superstition off the minds of his nation and it took off from Germany, kindling the light of freedom that brought US our freedom today. Since 1942, the rightly-divided Word has been available to all who wanted to believe: The Present Truth - God's Word completely free of the contaminants of Papist superstition & spiritualism - has set many free and given them The Rock of Ages on which to stand. The Reformation being ended for almost four generations now, great grace has been shown America, and the rest of the world. The consequences of loving darkness more than Light environ US round on every hand today: Corruption in politics, business & especially education, encroaching on the very foundation of American exceptionalism itself, the Bill of Rights.
Empire is the "red giant" stage of great nations. It shines brightly, but is very short-lived. The Persians, Greeks and Romans embraced the earth in their turn, but faded away faster than they developed. Slaves make poor workers.
For that cause, the empires of debt, bribery and robbery the Roman Catholic cult endeavored to establish through Spain, France, Germany & England have all come and gone. Today it's attempting the same failed experiment again via America, destroying liberty in the name of defending it. In its avarice it has drawn on the international banking community under the false belief the Russian atheist/communist conglomeration will let them continue borrowing without repaying forever, or they can plunder the American people to do so if they won't.
Spain had its inquisition. Germany, the Holocaust...the ways by which America can be turned against itself by these cunning, crafty liars are multitudinous and variegated, and The Whore has a long track record of bringing nations to ruin in just such manner: It turned nations against Africa through enslavement and America against its own native population through subjugation. We are foolish to assume it would not do so again.
Tonight I assert that you do not need hobgoblins or zombies - or even Muslims - to terrorize you, there's plenty of Sammhein scariness hidden behind various authority structure in the real world with which we deal everyday!
If our present course continues, I believe you'll see something worse than the fall of America: it's convolution and distortion into empire (which is all one-world government is, anyway).
It never worked before, and it won't work now!


Steve Finnell said...

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texlahoma said...

You're right, there is plenty to be scared of in real life. The thought of evil people in control of HAARP, steering hurricanes into densely populated areas just before the presidential election is scarey. Even scarier, now they've got it cranked up on California. I guess their logic is "If a hurricane is good, an earthquake would be great!"