Monday, November 12, 2012

An Inconvenient Truth

Why He Can't Answer That Question:
The first step down was WELFARE FOR THE RICH, which has been going on since 1865 in America, having been going on in every Papist-controlled monarchy on Earth for millennia before that.
This necessitated the institutionalizing of central banks to rob the people through inflation and income tax to rob them further, but the fatal mistake came in 1932 with social security, welfare & "public education" (government propagandizing): once everyone was on the fiat currency narcotic handout and being dumbed-down to believe these political bribes were a "right", the return of Papist monarchy disguised as "social justice" (socialism) was assured.
Now all that is needed is for the cheap veneers of religion & democracy under which this enslaving abomination masquerades to drop away, and we'll see that slavery is not only "back" in the USA, it never really left - The road to the plantation was a circle-drive paved with spiritualistic altruism.
Worst of all, everyone believes they're actually FREE!!!


texlahoma said...

I agree, and as long as there are victimless crimes and we pay our taxes under threat of imprisonment, we are not free.

But we are not slaves because we can have guns. Slaves can't have guns.
Obama wants to make us slaves.

Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Sorry tex, gotta disagree:
Some of the major reasons for the original Declaration of Independence were that no man should be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law and a trial by jury, a frequent practice of the British Empire - which is now becoming one here!
And as far as the Second Amendment is concerned, the Senate has to vote before the end of this week on whether or not to approve the UN Small Arms Treaty. I doubt they will, but the next Congress very well may.
36 States have now filed petitions with the Federal government for peaceful secession, which has as much chance of flying as a dead duck.
In out modern age of poisoned thought and hypocrisy, where "conservatives" want social security and "liberals" hate Wal-Mart but shop there in droves, I think we're potentially looking at something worse than socialism:
A military dictatorship and the return of imperialism.