Wednesday, November 14, 2012

End Or Beginning?

Galt-in-Da-Box remembers being laughed at a decade ago when telling friends there would "be atleast three countries where the USA is today".
It seems time and fascism maybe conspiring to prove me correct. Not just The South is rising again. The northwest, midwest and a not minuscule bit of the East have had enough to file for uncontested divorce, and there are two emerging factions: Texas red, for want of a better term for the cottonmouth south and numerous other Republican bastions are being joined in discord by blue states tired of the Patriot Act Bush-evik legacy & the so-called War on Drugs. All appear to be suffering an acute case of denial about how the last civil war ended:
While their sand and stand is admirable, you have to question the logic of posting and signing such petitions on the website of the "indefinite detention" President - which smacks of strutting about buck-naked and smearing yourself with honey in the forest when you know the bears are out. America was not founded by cowards or fools, but only a fool burns down his own house!
Voices on the Establishment left look down their pasty-white Khazakh noses and blame the TEAparty, carefully ignoring the reality they kindled this fire on Wall Street by suppressing the occupation protests - New York has ALSO filed! From the Establishment "right" - which hasn't been for a dozen years - comes the whining, sniveling and bullshit about Robbery robbed, when Mitt has conceded long ago.
My personal take is this all is merely the powder keg to which a match of gun-confiscation will cause this nation of debt-enslavement to be blown apart.

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